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Our legal information. 

Business Legal number:  796677078RC0001

Corporate Legal Name:  Cure Zone Ltd

D&B D.U.N.S number:  (Company Credit).  https://www.dnb.com

Better Business Bereau (BBB) https://www.bbb.org/ca/ab/calgary/profile/security/intel-security-agency-corp-0017-107474

Government of Canada corporate listing. https://www.ic.gc.ca

Established in 2007. Cure Zone Ltd. — we are a biological aging research company — a private held Canadian corporation based out of Calgary Alberta Canada. The company mission is to provide our customers with the very latest in proven anti-aging treatments from around the world.  All proceeds are directed to our research and development section.   

Our primary product line includes the very latest in peptide bio regulators. Peptide bio regulators have a unique capability to restore the protein synthesis in a body that is decreased due to illness or aging. It goes along with increased adaptation potential and recovery of the functional activity of the body. Besides, peptides regulate the activity of genes decreasing the activity of "bad" genes and activating the "good" genes, if necessary, stimulating reproduction of proteins.




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