Anti-wrinkle serum №7

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  • Model: Anti-wrinkle serum №7 15 ml
  • Manufactured by: St. Petersburg University
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Simulates the shape of the face; restores collagen skeleton of the skin;smooths wrinkles.

Primary ingredient:  Peptide Progeline.

Progeline™ biomimetic peptide action is composed of three amino acids. Its effectiveness as a part of anti-aging serum is related to its ability to inhibit the protein synthesis of the main aging - progerin. Through this aging process is slowed down to the cellular level. Progeline™ peptide composed of serum anti-wrinkle cosmetic products №7 provides a comprehensive remodeling effect, improves the clinical symptoms associated with age-related changes in the skin: it reduces sagging and wrinkles, improves the jawline. The skin becomes more elastic and looks toned and tighter.


Matrixyl® synthe´6™ Anti-aging peptide Matrixyl® synthe´6™ - a highly efficient biomimetic peptide is a new generation. It is synthesized by the peptide present in the extracellular matrix and acts as a regulatory factor of cellular processes. Matrixyl® synthe´6™ stimulates the synthesis of at least six major structural components of the dermal matrix and derma-epidermal junction: the collagen-1, 111 collagen, fibronectin, hyaluronic acid, laminin 5, collagen-1V, and restores the structure of the extracellular matrix. With the ability to activate the synthesis of collagen fibers, which are a kind of skeleton for the skin and stimulate the production of hyaluronic acid, Matrixyl® synthe´6™ is an effective anti-aging active ingredient. Its use in the composition of serum anti-wrinkle №7 helps prevent the appearance of wrinkles and reduces the severity of existing facial wrinkles by restoring the skin at the site of damage, moisturizes and tones the skin, making it firm and elastic.


Liftessense™ Lifting Liftessense™ component in the composition of serum anti-wrinkle №7 - an innovative biotechnological complex obtained from an extract of a large tree fern (Chyathea Cumingii). If the composition of proteins in serum have a steady but gradual rejuvenating effect, blocking the aging process at the cellular level, the component Liftessense™ provides instant lifting effect. This is due to the formation on the surface of the facial skin is durable film mesh structure helps to improve skin tone and elasticity, tighten oval face, wrinkles. The inclusion of the anti-wrinkle serum component such as a Liftessense™ allows to enjoy rejuvenating effect from the very first days of application of cosmetic products.

The low molecular weight hyaluronic acid The low molecular weight hyaluronic acid - the major component of serum anti-wrinkle №7. The hyaluronic acid affects the speed and quality of the processes of synthesis of collagen and elastin fibers that form the skeleton of the skin, ensuring its elasticity, and therefore youth. In addition, the most important function of hyaluronic acid is a unique ability to attract and retain water in the tissues. After 25 years of activity of the synthesis of the substance is reduced, whereby the elasticity of the skin suffers, disrupted water balance in the cells, degrades nutrition and blood supply. As a result, the skin becomes dry, sagging, wrinkles, loses its natural youthful complexion, the skin becomes dull and pale. Inclusion of hyaluronic acid in the serum anti-wrinkle №7 («Anti-wrinkle serum») allows you to activate the natural processes of synthesis of collagen and elastin production, improve nutrition and blood supply to all skin cells, to achieve the deepest moisture, wrinkles, get a fresh complexion. Specialists of the scientific department NPСRIZ purposefully included in the anti-wrinkle serum №7 low molecular weight hyaluronic acid, capable of penetrating deep into the skin and provide all the necessary effects.

CO2 extract of pomegranate CO2 pomegranate extract in the composition of serum anti-wrinkle №7 contains phytoestrogens, essential fatty acids, tocopherols, biologically active substances (volatile, anthocyanins, nitrogenous compounds, tannins and organic acids), has a marked rejuvenating effect, it stimulates the regeneration and self-regulatory mechanisms that result They are activation of microcirculation, cellular enzymes, cell division. CO2 pomegranate extract prevents the loss of water by cells of the skin, prevents the formation of wrinkles, improves skin elasticity, has a high antioxidant activity. Supercritical fluid extraction technology, which is used in the creation of a CO2 extract of pomegranate, allows you to extract the full spectrum of biologically active substances in the plant. Moreover, when applied retains a higher activity and concentration of each component, ten times superior to conventional extract parameters. CO2 extracts exhibit natural scent and do not require preservatives, because they themselves have germicidal activity.

Evening primrose oil Evening primrose oil in the composition of serum anti-wrinkle «REVILAB evolution» has a strong anti-aging effects, primarily due to the high content of gamma-linolenic acid and stearin in the unsaponifiable fraction. Evening primrose oil moisturizes and nourishes the skin, protects it from oxidative stress. Effectively used not only in cosmetic formulations, but also in the treatment of skin diseases (externally and as a food additive). Especially recommended for anti-age makeup, makeup for special areas (around the eyes, mouth). It has a regenerating, rejuvenating properties.

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